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Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

The law of attraction and the present moment

Does the law of attraction exist? Myth or Reality?

The greatest teachers of all time have told us that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe. In 1912 the powerful and successful American businessman Charles Haanel described the law of attraction as "the greatest and most infallible law upon which the whole system of creation rests".
The law of attraction states that you can have whatever you choose to have in your life. There is no limit. It is you, through the Law of Attraction, who attracts everything that comes into your life. What you nurture in your mind through images and thoughts, you attract into your life.
The law of attraction always works whether you believe it or not and whether you understand it or not. The law of attraction gives you what you think about, full stop. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Each of your thoughts attracts a twin thought.

Thanks to brief therapywe can now balance our emotions quickly so that we can only project good thoughts.

How does the law of attraction work? Understanding the role of thoughts.

If you can project into your mind what you desire and make that thought a dominant one, you attract it into your life. The principle of law of attraction is summarized in four words. Your thoughts become real. What most people do not understand about the law of attractionis that thought has a frequency. Scientists have shown that we can measure a thought. So if you are thinking a particular thought, you are emitting a frequency on a continuous basis. Hypnosis, EMDR and EFT allow you to work in depth on your unconscious to stabilise this vibratory frequency.

When you fix your thoughts on something you want and hold that concentration, you then call it forth with the most powerful power in the Universe.

Quantum physicists tell us that the entire universe emerged from thought; you shape your life with your thoughts and the law of attraction. Whether you are aware of it or not.

Whenever your thoughts travel, the law of attraction comes into action. Any aspect of your life can change through the law of attraction.

The law of attraction does not take into account negative formulations, therefore it is essential to control your thoughts, to order them and to know how to project them. 


Here are two articles I wrote on the law of attraction and how thoughts work, the importance of controlling them and projecting them correctly. You will find many practical exercises to calm your mind. 

I invite you to read and re-read them so that the law of attraction I invite you to read and re-read them so that the law of attraction becomes a habit of life for you and that you can understand that you are the most powerful human transmission tower in the Universe, able to focus your thoughts to shape your life.

What is the present moment?

The present moment can be described as the moment when the river of life flows with all its richness, all its unlimited abundance.

Everything happens in one moment. Time no longer exists, control no longer exists, letting go becomes master. This is the present moment. The moment when everything has been created and all your thoughts come to life.

To live well in the present moment it is essential to understand the importance of controlling your thoughts.

How to live well in the present moment and how to stay there?


When you travel with your memory into your past that no longer exists or into a future that does not yet exist, you instantly leave the present moment. Your feelings and emotions vibrate in the present moment only. To stay in the present momentIt is therefore necessary to listen to them. This is the only way not to leave this moment of the present. To come back to the present momentask yourself the question as often as possible:

How do I feel now?

If you feel bad, it is because you have left the moment of the present moment and you are no longer in control of your thoughts. Emotional decoding Using EFT on your body allows you to quickly come back to the present moment and the EFT Inner Peace Protocol The use of the body's energy system allows you to go back to the source of your problems and to stabilise the state of well-being in your body. the moment present moment.

Your actions will play a decisive role in getting you back to the present moment. Action is the main function of the human body. It is designed to act. By acting, you live in the present moment.

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Here is an article I wrote that will expose you to the present moment as a whole and the crucial role of Action to stay in the moment and discover its beauty and power.

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