Laurent Karoubi
Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

10 rue Parmentier 06100 Nice

5 rue Gudin, 75016 Paris 16
Laurent Karoubi

Specialised in brief therapy, emotional decoding and emotional dependency

Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

Emotional decoding and the inner peace protocol

The one and only question to ask yourself:
How do you feel now?

The Inner Peace Protocol in EFT is, in my opinion, the most effective and lasting method for a emotional decodingin depth. It allows you to understand the messages that your body wants to transmit to you and allows you to come back to the present moment, that famous moment of "Now". 

This method consists of listing all the negative events you remember and rating the associated emotional intensity on a scale of 1 to 10. In effect, anything negative your brain remembers must be processed. The practitioner then applies the EFT technique to each event, making sure to apply the technique to all aspects of the event.

When emotions are repressed and traumatic or harmful events have not been processed, your body will alert you repeatedly. The emotional decoding should be done quickly enough, so that depression does not set in and the "mal à dit" (disease) is not triggered. 

The effectiveness of the Protocol!

During my consultations and thanks to the use of the Inner Peace Protocol method in EFT, I realised that applying this therapy technique only to events of high emotional intensity, allowed me to solve the major causes of your psychological and physical suffering by a domino effect.

Most of the people I accompany are astonished by the speed with which their emotional blocks, which have been in place for so many years, disappear in just a few sessions.

Step out of your comfort zone and feel good!

Thanks to this method (EFT Inner Peace Protocol), the emotional decoding is done in depth and allows to release all the negative charges inscribed in the memory of your cells and organs.

I accompany you in this process, I follow you between sessions to practice your exercises and observe the changes that take place in your body. Anything that changes can be frightening because it is a new sensation. And new means that you will have to leave your comfort zone. This comfort zone that has protected you for many years is much harder to bear than the actions that are necessary for your well-being and your new life.

 Once I have taken you through this process of brief therapy and emotional decoding, you will look back and probably say to yourself: 

Why did I wait so many years to feel so good!

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