Laurent Karoubi
Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

10 rue Parmentier 06100 Nice

5 rue Gudin, 75016 Paris 16
07 56 86 67 85
Laurent Karoubi

Specialised in brief therapy, emotional decoding and emotional dependency

Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

Laurent Karoubi, your hypnotherapist in Paris 16 and Nice

Laurent Karoubi , hypnosis, Emdr and Eft in Paris 16

Iwas always very lonely from a young age, not understanding my place in society or why I suffered so much.

I had relationship problems, I often felt misunderstood within my family. I was dependent on everything and everyone. People around me wrongly thought that everything was fine and that I would never lack anything. Yet I felt so strongly that I lacked everything and tried to hide my shyness with my deep voice and my charisma.

Don't look for what you already have on the outside!

I was lost, I slept very badly, I was suffocating and could not find any meaning in my life. 

On the advice of a friend, I decided to go to a hypnotherapist as a last resort in order to understand what my "inner child" wanted me to hear from him once and for all.

It was a revelation, a trigger, a bomb in my life.

From one day to the next I discovered the power of the present moment, that famous "Now"moment, the importance of controlling our thoughts in our daily lives and the role our bodies play in our lives. The discovery of emotional decoding presents itself to me.

I then decided to study relentlessly, to read all the books on the human body that I could find as well as on the techniques of brief therapies techniques and to train myself in them, Hypnosis, EFTand EMDR and many others.

Several brief therapy techniques available

Who do we want to be?

My research is focusing more and more on what Newton called " the law of gravitation"or law of attraction, the role of thoughts as a human being and the crucial importance of theaction!. I am discovering and applying what I am learning every day. It is fascinating to understand that we all have such an immense creative and healing power within us. I apply with rigour and assiduity what my teachers ask me to do without complaining. I keep a visualization chart, a daily notebook where I write down everything. For me, the first results are felt at a considerable speed. But my mind and my ego are still trying to control everything out of bad habit. I can't completely let go of life and my problems. I am learning to be kinder to myself and to be patient.

I practice again and again until I finally accept that everything is perfect no matter what. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. Just the judgment and the way we look at ourselves! That is the key. Who do we want to be?

All this suffering that I have accumulated over the years, all this research, work and practices, are in fact a kind of training that I use to help you, to transmit, to share my experiences and knowledge. My goal today is to accompany you in your personal development process and to do everything so that you can be happy and finally feel good!

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