Laurent Karoubi
Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

10 rue Parmentier 06100 Nice

5 rue Gudin, 75016 Paris 16
Laurent Karoubi

Specialised in brief therapy, emotional decoding and emotional dependency

Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

What is emotional decoding?

Listen to your body, it has the solution!

The principle of emotional decoding is to understand the messages that our body wants to send us in the present moment. Every day, our body begs us to understand it, it cries, it manifests sometimes brutally through our cells, our tissues, our organs, signs to indicate to us that we are not in agreement with our values and that most of the time, we lie to ourselves. Our negative and traumatic past events are also stored in our cellular memory and need to be processed. If we do not hear these messages, our body amplifies them to the point of sometimes immobilising us in order to be heard. 

"La mal-à-dit"

 Illness means that our body has difficulty telling us and making us understand the vital information necessary for our well-being. This is what emotional decoding offers you. Decoding the messages that your body wants to send you. To do a good emotional decoding the practitioner uses various techniques. The techniques of brief therapies that I use to succeed in the emotional decoding of your body, are Hypnosis, EMDR and EFT. I can also use the Inner Peace Protocol in EFT, for deeper issues. Thanks to these means and my personal experience, I am able, with your commitment, to recreate the puzzle of your life and to understand the harmful repetitive patterns, which reproduce themselves and impact your cells and organs. Here is the emotional decoding: ACT in the present moment with precise actions This is emotional decoding: ACT in the present moment with accurate information to go back in time to the root of the problem!

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