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Laurent Karoubi

Specialised in brief therapy, emotional decoding and emotional dependency

Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner

The Basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

What is EFT?

EFT is a technique of brief therapy It balances the body's energy system by gently tapping on the entry and exit points of the body's meridians. EFT EFT is a quick, highly effective and easy to learn method that gives permanent results and relief where other therapies have failed. 

This process should not be considered as uncommon since Albert Einstein, through his numerous discoveries, already told us in 1915 that everything is composed of energy. Unfortunately, the western healing sciences have ignored this obvious path, at least until now since EFT is a pioneer in this new field. 

In high school chemistry, we learn that the building blocks of every body are atoms. No one disputes the fact that atoms are the basic building blocks of everything. Einstein emphasised this point in his formula on the Theory of Relativity:


In simpler terms this means that all physical bodies are energy. This is, of course, also the case for the human body. This simple fact is one of the most universally known discoveries in the scientific world, as much as the law of gravitation. But conventional Western medicine has ignored it. We can appreciate the invaluable contribution made by conventional medicine. But for today's medical practice, we can no longer ignore the well-established fact that the body is made up of energy that just wants to flow freely. This is what is proposed by EFT.


How does EFT work and how do you make sentences?

Preparation: Psychological Reversal in EFT

If the natural flow of energy is reversed as a result of shock, trauma or stress, the transformation will not take place, as the body is fighting the natural healing process. This may be unconscious, or you may be aware of your fear of overcoming your problem.  

This is why some diseases are chronic and unresponsive to conventional care. It is also the reason why people fail to lose weight or give up their addictions. 

"This is the cause of self-sabotage".


Psychological Reversal (PR) in EFT is caused by negative and destructive thoughts that often occur at the subconscious level, i.e. outside of consciousness.

When there is a PI, any attempt at transformation is stopped. This PI must be corrected for EFT to be effective.EFT to be effective. The objective is to speak a truth and to love yourself in spite of (or with) this truth. We start by saying this statement three times while tapping the "karate point" on the edge of the hand: 


"Even though I have this problem, I accept myself completely and deeply.

The EFT sequence

Then tap with the index and middle fingers of both hands on each of the energy points while saying the reminder phrase

"I have this problem,

on each of the points: 

  • DB: in the third eye, between the eyebrows
  • CO: on the corner of the eye, at the level of the eyebrows
  • SO: under the eye
  • SN : under the nose 
  • CM: hollow of the chin, under the lower lip
  • CL: collarbone, at the level of the thymus (one of the most important points in the human body)
  • SS: under the breast, at the bra (for women)
  • SB: under the arm, near the armpits

When does EFT not work?

The importance of being specific in EFT

In EFTa problem is said to have many parts and it can be compared to a puzzle, there are many pieces: you have to be specific. 

Each piece has many sides: these are all aspects of your problem. When some parts are assembled, the others are replaced by a generalisation effect.

In EFT, it is crucial to be ultra specific. Indeed, it is the most common mistake made by newcomers toEFT to be too vague, too broad in the problem you wish to treat. Once this mistake is corrected, your results will be much better and difficult cases will melt away easily. 

Most clients tend to see their problems in general terms. They describe their problems using broad labels that seem very specific, such as : 


"I am easily rejected in my life,

"My father was always abusing me

"My mother never loved me as I should have been loved.

These phrases evoke a rejection problem that is too vague, it will take a long time to deal with all the rejection aspects in your life. It is better to demolish the generally exposed problem with specific events like : 


"Even though I felt forgotten when my father didn't attend the graduation."

"Even though my high school boyfriend said to me in tenth grade, "I'm sick of you" ...

"Even though my mum says: you'll never get married unless you become thin like your sister".


All these sentences describe the problem that "I am easily rejected". They represent the basis of the problem. The feeling of rejection is not a symptom but the accumulation of specific causes. 

It is therefore important to use EFT on each specific event in order to neutralize all the big "emotional trees in your forest" and to be sure that all your deep-seated problems are resolved by generalization.

I cannot stress enough the importance of being specific in EFT. It is often the difference between spectacular success and apparent failure.

The importance of persistence in EFT

When using EFT on a more general or chronic problem, it is necessary to be very persistent. You may not feel progress at first, but after a while you may notice that you become calmer, less irritable. It is important to check where you are in your problem solving as there are often many aspects that come up. Make sure you test your results by replaying the problem in your mind and stopping at the slightest feeling to replay a sequence!

The importance of evaluating your EFT work


You will often observe immediate physical signals of relaxation. Facial muscles may relax, yawning, sighing... which may show that you have achieved some relief from your problem. Remember to always replay the scene of your problem to bring out all aspects of it. Stop immediately at the first sign of upset and tap again. The human brain needs method and order, so it is essential in EFT to note the feelings and their improvements. 

EFT or EMDR or Hypnosis?

EFT is, in my opinion, the safest, most effective and most powerful brief therapy technique available today for a emotional decoding of your body. EFT EFT is the only therapy technique that will eventually allow you to be truly autonomous in your personal development. EFT can be used on any problem, regardless of its nature, with excellent results.


In contrast to hypnosis and EMDRin EFTwe use the same approach to treat all kinds of trauma, always going back to the real root of the problem. We use it to resolve fear of public speaking, to soothe deep grief, to deal with stress and anxiety, to remove addictive needs, stuttering and depression




can be used EFT to improve almost any ailment including lactose intolerance, allergies etc. It can also be used to EFT to improve performance of all kinds and emotional relationships. Also to facilitate studies, eliminate nightmares and also to remove post-traumatic disorders endured by victims of rape, accidents, persecution, war. Unlike EMDR, EFT will allow you to deprogram the trauma in the brain in a gentle way without reliving and feeling the sometimes very hard intensity of it. 


Although novices in EFT frequently achieve excellent results, a certain amount of skill, separating the beginner from the expert, is required to take full advantage of EFT. What anyone can do if they want to.


EFT at a distance

EFT is the most effective brief therapy technique in every respect because it can be practiced remotely and has exactly the same effectiveness as in the office with the practitioner. 

You tap on the points behind your screen while following the practitioner you see on Skype, Zoom, Face time... and feel the same benefits. Just like for hypnosis and EMDRwith EFT you are not in physical contact with the practitioner. The remote consultation is therefore very effective and often allows you to feel more comfortable in expressing your emotions. 

Please note that EFT is not a substitute for medical advice and you should not stop taking medication without the doctor's advice.

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